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Within the last couple of years I felt increasingly stressed out about life. I began to stop watching the news and began to research old nagging questions that I had...about pretty much everything. The more that I learned and verified with "official" documents and statements, the more I felt "displaced". When I tried to talk to most people about all of the lies and deception they treated me like I was crazy. I began to wonder the same thing. So I went to the most highly recommended psychiatrist that I could find. Actually I consulted two for a 2nd opinion. They both said, without hesitation that I was categorically "sane" and the reality that the vast majority of crazy people walk the streets and are considered "normal". So the first thing that I did after getting the exact same feedback from the 2nd opinion was go to the zoo and told the monkeys to clear out a corner because I was moving in with them. So what's the point? Freedom is the point. Freedom of speech and internet freedom, that is. If they can start screwing with girls and peer to peer webcam technology out of the privacy of our homes, what's next?

I'm writing this little rant-oid (can that be a word? I like it) in protest on my pages to bring attention to the new Cybercrime Prevention Act. While most people just whined and bitched for a couple of days (or black out their website for a day....as if that does anything other than be annoying) I find it more effective to rant. The Bill is "designed" to "protect" girls (but if they are all over 18 exactly what is the realisitic point with respect to the mainstream?!?) from traffickers and from becoming sex slaves (as if it's a new phenomenon..duh) yet all it really does is take away legitimate opportunity from webcam women on sites like the aforementioned link (and positive revenue for the economy) as well as throw millions of people right back into poverty and/or force them to go back to even worse conditions. If you've got a bunch of girls making money online with sex chat and whatnot do you SERIOUSLY think that they'll go work at Jollibee or McDonalds for minimum wage again? If you believe the gub-ment, not only are you a monkey with a purple ass, but I've got news for ya…prohibition does not work, has NEVER worked before, and will never work now or in the future. People will always find a way to do anything. Do not get me wrong since I am only defending the Free Market here (seeing as how if it's not online, there is NO SUCH THING as free markets) when I say what I say...seeing as most people assume whatever it is that tey assume. Working as a cam girl would be too difficult for me and my patience (or lack thereof). I've gone to VTRs before for just 10 minutes and was losing my temper so I can only imagine what these girls go through. Anyway, the Bill is trying to say that these girls were putting their shows on websites that are visible online in the Philippines and it just encourages prostitution and exploitation. I just want to bang my head on the table when I think about it…see the earlier prohibition and how a black market with pimps, handlers, Dons, etc, is just being recreated when before the Bill there was no need for "middlemen". The reality, based on my own research and experience is that the Cybercrime Bill is just the COVER story for the TRUE reason for this law. Have you ever heard of an Overton Window (no I don't like Glenn Beck) or the analogy of the "boiling frog"? It never ceases to amaze me that there are still people out there who believe the "official" version of ANY story since facts seem like a foreign concept to said stories. Yet the masses all baaa and agree and go along with their lives while thinking that people like me are crazy only to learn that we are the rare few that are SANE. Seriously. Then there's the part in the Bill about libel and blah blah blah. This just gives a shield of protection via fear from those who can afford to sue at the drop of a hat for frivilous reasons. It's just a bunch of busy-body-bureaucratic-bullshit from a gang of thugs and hypocrites that are running a "beta-test" for the West (who plan to do the same thing later after they see the outcome) if you ask me. Even if you don't ask me, you know where you can stick my opinion if you don't like it. If you are one of those extreme Statist tight-asses I have a wedge for you..or go work as a webcam performer yourself in the "anal" category. That will loosen you up both literally and figuratively. I am really tired of these gangs with flags that we call "government". I gave 4 years of my life to government service so I've seen enough corruption to last another 400 years if I was able to live that long. The most ironic part is that these criminals in government are attempting to outlaw something that they hold most dear. Never forget, "Justice" = "Just US"…not THEM (you and me). Dammit. And here I was trying not to raise my blood pressure by blogging again...


Do you get it yet, all of you stupid chimps out there? THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. It's a TEST. They start in small markets and mess with girls on their webcam who are not hurting anyone and then they work their way up to total internet control via said slippery slope. "But they just legalized marijuana!" Yea...yet another smoke screen (no pun intended) to distract you while even MORE of your freedoms are taken away. You'll be too stoned to even notice. Way to go..you monkeys. I should get you all a bunch of typewriters and wait a million years. By then you could half-ass your opinions, at a minimum, by random dumb luck...cuz you sure as HELL aren't gonna figure this out on your own (and I do not mean the 2-5% who DO feel what I'm saying....)